Indu Muralidharan

Writer. The Reengineers (HarperCollins). Masters in Creative Writing, University of Oxford


THE REENGINEERS (HarperCollins, 2015).

Madras, 1991. Chinmay Narayan is about to kill himself in a desperate attempt to take charge of his life from his dysfunctional family. But when he and his friends accidentally enter Conchpore through Uncle RK’s library, he finds that his life has been predetermined from the beginning by Siddharth, the author who is writing him into life. When Siddharth falls into a void between depression and life, Chinmay finds that like man creating god in his image, it is up to him to revive his author.

A coming-of-age story of a boy growing up in Madras in the nineties.
A fantasy exploring the relationship between an author and his hero.
A fable that addresses the primal question on the meaning of life.

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Some excerpts here

“A beautiful and easy read…The classical title of the book, The Reengineers, pulsates with its romantic contents where reality and fantasy conjoin… I highly recommend this book.” Dilip Keshu

“Splendidly reflective…It let me lay back and observe familiar thoughts running through a younger version of myself in its pages.” Ramiah Ariya

“A relevant book for students, corporate employees, spiritual aspirants… anyone who is looking for a more contented, confident life.” – Nimi Arora

“a fantastic read…casts a kind of spell. – Amit Yadav

“Filled with inspiring gems…I’ve seldom seen spirituality explained so well, and this book nails it perfectly.” – Nikita Jhanglani

“A joy to read. The author has captured the behind-the-scenes story of spiritual cults to perfection…a must read for youngsters.” – Sundari Venkatraman

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