If writing in a park sitting on the grass under a shady oak tree is one kind of meditation, writing together with a group of fellow writers is almost a spiritual experience. The knowledge that you are working in the presence of fellow creators adds a special dimension to the process of writing and helps get one into the state of flow.

I found the London Writer’s Salon community by chance and have been joining the writer’s hour sessions for a while now. I enjoyed these so much that I signed up for a silver membership which offers a series of curated writer interviews and workshops, and even meditation and yoga nidra sessions tailored for writers. This is an excellent initiative by the founders Matt and Parul who are fostering this online community of writers in a virtual space to write, critique and discuss writing.

An innovative feature of the LWS community is the writing cabin, a Zoom room that is open 24×7, where writers can enter and write in silence. I am not sure how it works, logging into a Zoom link and writing quietly in the presence of other writers, but it is effective. And it is wonderful, one of the many things that I am grateful to have found in 2022.

Link: https://londonwriterssalon.com/