By “editor” I suppose you mean proofreader. Among these I have known limpid creatures of limitless tact and tenderness who would discuss with me a semicolon as if it were a point of honor—which, indeed, a point of art often is. But I have also come across a few pompous avuncular brutes who would attempt to “make suggestions” which I countered with a thunderous “stet!”
Vladimir Nabokov

I enjoyed this article in which the author refers to copy-editors as “irritating, pusillanimous time-wasters. Primitive, mindless creatures whose instincts drive them, antlike, to make slavishly defined changes.”

pexels-photo-768078[1].jpegTwo annoying copy editors whom I worked with were that and more – who were probably trying to justify their work by mangling the prose and taking sadistic pleasure in making uncalled-for actual edits, when all they had to do was simple proofreading for spelling and grammar.

A proofreader called Prerna was the worst. Her uncalled-for ‘edits’ were reversed when I finally sent an email to her manager reminding him that I am the author and I don’t need homilies on how to use my words from proofreaders.

Yet another lesson in publishing, to set clear expectations with editors and presumptuous copy-editors.