On World Suicide Prevention day, remembering Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Robin Williams and Ned Vizzini – author of “It’s kind of a funny story” among others who fought depression till the darkness swallowed them.

The Reengineers being essentially a story about surviving depression, I am giving away one copy of the book to anyone who feels that books can help to alleviate depression, and needs such a book right now.

Please message me the address to which the book is to be sent if you want a copy, no other details are required.

Giveaway open for one person anywhere in the world as long as Amazon ships there, I will not be disclosing the winner’s name unless they want it. Will send out the book tomorrow.

“Become aware of yourself. Everything will come to you, Chinmay, when you are in that most wonderful place on earth, the centre of your being. If you learn just one thing from this book, let it be that once you are aware of yourself, depression cannot hold you back any more than a tiger can be trapped in a spider’s web.”
From The Reengineers