Where does the compulsive urge to write come from? It comes out of the joy of creating and inhabiting new worlds. Sometimes it comes out of the pressure of deadlines. It comes from making it a routine. Sometimes it comes regularly, and sometimes it disappears for days, months at a time. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly.
Sometimes it comes from strong emotions that pour out as words without any effort other than watching one’s fingers move as they tap across the keyboard, flowing across the virtual page, like music.

When I first heard this poem, it struck me that Faiz Ahmed Faiz had expressed the agony and ecstasy of the process of writing so elegantly within these lines.

My pain is a song without a voice
My soul, a point without a mark
When it finds words, my pain
I will find my name and myself again
My soul, when it finds its sign
The secrets of the universe will be mine.
When these secrets are revealed,
My silence will find its voice
Then I would be sovereign of all that I see
The treasures of both worlds conferred upon me.

~ From the original by Faiz Ahmed Faiz