The Re-engineers and on choosing a suitable title

After weeks of researching writing resource books and websites and several hours spent in brainstorming and discussions, the title of my upcoming novel has been confirmed as The Re-engineers. This was one of the working titles that I had shortlisted when I first started work on it, and this was the title that I had used while I revised the book through its many versions.

I like the title The Author and The Hero under which the book became a semifinalist in the Amazon breakthrough novel award contest in 2008 and under which it was sold to HarperCollins. However, I had to agree with my editor at Harper that it was too straightforward a title and given its metafictional premise, was likely to sound like an academic text on the hero’s journey. I like that the title The Re-engineers works at multiple levels with respect to the plot and the characters.

For The Re-engineers is above everything else, a story that rejoices in being a story.

I am excited about The Re-engineers.


Coming soon! The Re-engineers (HarperCollins) A walk through the boundaries between fiction and reality

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