Corporate Haiku

Corporate Haiku by William Warriner is funny, thought-provoking and touches a chord somewhat deeper than Dilbert.

A few samples from the book

So many birdsongs.
In this conference, each sings
its own agenda.

A marketing bird!
He tells me, tells me, and then
tells what he told me.

The mystery is:
here is the fork in the road,
but which way is up?

From 101 Corporate Haiku – Subversive verse for the office aesthete by William Warriner


  1. jamestollefson

    I like this too. I just picked it up in a bookstore today, read it, and posted a quick blog article about it. Good stuff.

      • jamestollefson

        Yeah, they really are. I’m in bookstores all the time looking at the titles in the business/leadership/management sections, and most of the books I find there are at least 250 pages long and contain very little original insight. This little volume might not be over 5,000 words and is absolutely brilliant. I was really pleased to find it.

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